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Vaasi yoga (vasi yoga) is a form of yoga that concentrates on the breath naadi (nadi), the cycle of the distribution of oxygen throughout the body, that occurs as part of the breathing process. Indian philosophy describes prana (life force) as flowing in channels called ...Read More

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This article refers to orthopedic contractures, i.e., permanent shortening of muscles, tendons, and/or ligaments. For short-term contraction of muscles, including the normal action and function of muscles, see Muscle contraction. For non-orthopedic types of contractures, see the “See Also” section below.
A muscle contracture is ...Read More

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Christy Nicole Turlington Burns (born January 2, 1969) is an American supermodel. She first represented Calvin Klein’s Eternity campaign in 1989 and again in 2014 and also represents Maybelline. Turlington was named one of Glamour’s Women of the Year in 2013, and was named as ...Read More

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Colleen Saidman is an American yoga instructor and yoga celebrity. She is the cofounder and codirector of Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor, New York, and teaches along with her husband, yoga teacher Rodney Yee, in the Gaiam Yoga Club online yoga club/virtual yoga studio. A ...Read More

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Dream Yoga or Milam (Standard Tibetan: rmi-lam or nyilam; Sanskrit: स्वप्नदर्शन, svapnadarśana)—the Yoga of the Dream State—is a suite of advanced tantric sadhana of the entwined Mantrayana lineages of Dzogchen (Nyingmapa, Ngagpa, Mahasiddha, Kagyu and Bönpo). Dream Yoga are tantric processes and techniques within the ...Read More

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Three awesome tricks to know when its time to go for the first kiss, and to give you the confidence necessary to propel a relationship forward, while knowing when and how to flirt with a girl! From watching her body language, to using the dance ...Read More

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Providing women a screaming climax is merely possible with cunnilingus, sure they can orgasm from intimacy if you earlier long enough but a genuine, loud and strong orgasm is merely attained by licking her vagina. The main element to unlocking a womans climax door is ...Read More

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In the current article, we will disclose stellar and steamy Kama Sutra gender positions to bring about G spot climax. These positions allow your member to hits her G place straight, thus creating explosive orgasms. They will unlock the best pleasure, and the feeling can ...Read More

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Men are always wanting to know what’s the best erotic position that can make their young ladies go crazy on foundation. It’ll be very humiliating for the people to acquire your girls dropped asleep during intercourse or they are really just simply a long way ...Read More